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My wife recently found a tree with honey bees on our property. I expect it came from a hive that swarmed a few weeks ago. (this is my first season)

I will leave the bees to manage for themselves this season, and see if the overwinter successfully. If so, then perhaps I can use this tree to trap out bees for nucs, or other hive support in my apiary. Not planning to remove them from the tree.

My question is related to the entrance. The tree has a small opening/split at the bottom - right at ground level.

First, I am surprised the chose a home with such a low entrance (seems most advise is that they like to be 6 ft or more up). But, they are bees, so I am getting used to surprises...

So, if I do set up a trap, should I put the trap on the ground to stay more-or-less level, or provide a ramp to a trap that I place on some support? Is the vertical distance a concern?

Thanks to everyone posting information :thumbsup: - forums are a great source of instruction for newbees like me.

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