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did an inspection today and everything looks good. this is my first year beeking so had a few questions.

I added my 2nd deep when about 7-8 frames in the bottom were filled, in about < 2 weeks 6-7 frames in the 2nd deep were built out and had eggs in them. Upon my inspection today, i found lots of eggs/larva/brood in the 2nd deep (now about 8 frames are built out and layed). and in the first deep ( inspected just to check in on them ) had had a lot of capped brood when i added the 2nd deep but now seem mostly empty, though i did see some small larva, and pollen scattered around.
So for my questions...

1. i have seen the queen in the 2nd deep...will she move down to lay again? do i need to intervene in some way (example-reverse the 2 deeps)?

2. I added a honey super today, was this the right plan of action?

3. seemed to see lots of this significant?

thanks for any input, much appreciated.


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I think I dated her... ;) Seriously,

1. Don't worry about that. She's already moved down if there are larva down there.

2. If both deeps had been at least 80% drawn and the flow is on or coming on, that's what I would have done. You might want to cycle the undrawn frames into the middle positions to get them drawn out. Putting undrawn frames into the heart of the hive is an amazingly fast way to get them drawn out if the food resources are available.

3. Not if unless you are see alot of them being laid in middle of worker brood space.

I'm no expert but sounds as if things are going just fine.
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