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Lot of drone cells

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Will a queen go to laying just drones?
I noticed today that all the capped brood are drone. There are cells with larvae in them so I’ll check them in a few days and see what they are. I did see the queen so she’s there but I did see a supersedure cell also. But I can’t tell if there’s a egg in it.
Would there be a reason the queen would fill the need to lay so many drones. The nuc she was in had regular capped brood. So I assume she is capable …
Thanks, Mike
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Mike,you could have a drone laying queen or laying workers. If the supersede cell is charged,I would lean towards a drone laying queen. However,lw hives will also get desperate and try to make a queen. But it sounds early, so do check in a few days and see how they are capping or widening the cells . J
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