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lost swarm

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I live in upstate ny and keep carniolan bees. A couple days ago my hive swarmed - one big exodus that split into two separate swarms that I captured. one of the swarms settled right into the new hive and went right to work drawing comb while the second, although it also drew comb, remained in a cluster in the top corner of the hive and partly along a frame. I wasn't able to fill the hive entirely with frames since I had to split my extra frames between the two swarms so there was a little extra room. Thats where they clustered. Today is the third day since they initially swarmed and this morning they were still there. Now, they're gone. I've been around all day outside and somehow missed the escape, but I'm wondering if they departed directly from the hive to their new site since they had remained in the a swarming cluster these past couple days. Was there anything I could have done? Any thoughts on what happened? Thank you, Daniel
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The scouts probably scouted right from the cluster in the hive where you placed them. When they agreed on a new place they left. What you could have done depends on resources. Adding drawn comb or a frame of brood may have helped. Moving them to an unfamiliar location may have helped too but you never know.
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