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I installed my first package of bees on Tues. May 11th. I checked them on Sat. May 15th to make sure the queen
had been released and they were drawing comb. I saw the queen, but did not see any comb being drawn yet. Today, Sat. May 22nd, I checked them again and saw a lot of comb being drawn, but absolutely no sign of the queen. I saw what looked like (to my untrained eye) a queen cell being formed near the corner of the frames where comb was being drawn. I can only assume that the queen has died or left and the colony is trying to make a new queen. Should I destroy the queen cell and order a new queen? Should I let them raise one on their own (they seem rather ill-equipped at this point to do that with no complete comb) What should I do? i am rather desperate at this point.
I also noticed they had moved up to the top deep (i have 2 deeps for my starter hive) so I rotated the deeps because I know they only move up and I wanted to have them build comb in the bottom first. I also saw one hive beetle, but I guess not to worry until I see several?
Please advise me what to do--thank you
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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