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lost queen

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I installed my first package of bees on Tues. May 11th. I checked them on Sat. May 15th to make sure the queen
had been released and they were drawing comb. I saw the queen, but did not see any comb being drawn yet. Today, Sat. May 22nd, I checked them again and saw a lot of comb being drawn, but absolutely no sign of the queen. I saw what looked like (to my untrained eye) a queen cell being formed near the corner of the frames where comb was being drawn. I can only assume that the queen has died or left and the colony is trying to make a new queen. Should I destroy the queen cell and order a new queen? Should I let them raise one on their own (they seem rather ill-equipped at this point to do that with no complete comb) What should I do? i am rather desperate at this point.
I also noticed they had moved up to the top deep (i have 2 deeps for my starter hive) so I rotated the deeps because I know they only move up and I wanted to have them build comb in the bottom first. I also saw one hive beetle, but I guess not to worry until I see several?
Please advise me what to do--thank you
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I'm not sure I would of given a new package of bees 2 deeps to start with. A single deep would of been plenty of room for them to start and then when they get 80% of the first deep drawn out then add the second deep. Bees naturally build queen cells all of the time, for that just in case emergency. Most of the time they will sit empty until they decide that something is wrong with the queen or are tired of her and are going to supercede her. On your inspection did you see eggs or larva. Its probably too early for capped brood but look for eggs or larva, if you have those than the queen is present and laying.
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