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lost hive-what to do with frames of honey

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Help I ordered a nuc of Minnesota Hygienic bees a few months ago,I called the supplier yesterday and was told that I had not ordered Minnesota bees that they only come in 3lb packs and that my nuc would come from Georgia. after April. So I said no I had ordered Minnesota Bees. And She said sorry that they were all sold out. So now what I can't get Northern bred bees. Every one is sold out so far. Question, what do I do with the 5 frames of honey and frames wax comb? My hive is closed up now.
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You need to call them back and beg for a package of GA bees. Then when we are able to raise queens in the north you will buy a MH queen and requeen. You don't need to buy the type of bee you want, to get the type of bee you want.
There will be plenty of bees available in late April and May and that is plenty of time to get a hive up and running, especially if you already have drawn comb. But the waiting is a bummer :(
There are still plenty of bees available from Georgia. Like the previous poster said get yourself a package and then requeen with northern stock.
Go tot he for sale forum. There are several suppliers of MH queens there.
Do you have freezer space. Put the frames of honey in the freezer and refeed later on. Dont want the ants to find it!
If you want Minnisotta hygenic bees go to Sam Bolic in Concorde NC has nucs for sale ready in May 95.00 each good quality bees. His number is listed on this bee club web site. Good Luck
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