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Lost Carniolan Queen

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I lost the Carniolan Queen that i requeened with and was doing so well. I was pretty precautious not to roll her, but maybe, I don't know. I lost in this hive over winter a Queen, and suspected simply disintary. Would Nosema possibly have gotten her? There was a little untidyness on outside of hive coming out of winter. I introduced two frames of brood, (both with really small larvae, but did not see eggs), and am hoping for a Queen cell to emerge. If I don't see one by the weekend I will replace with a Buckfast Italian, as I am blown away by these girls.
My question is, with a new queen coming, should I treat with some Fumagiln-B laced sugar water? Or should I not worry about it?
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Why would you treat without knowing you need to?
I read about Nosema, and wonder if the effects continue to affect the Queen during the summer months. I certainly don't want to loose another one, so I thought, if they will take treated sugar water now, that it may be a good idea. It seems odd that I lost another in this hive.
Queens disappear all the time. I would not put poison in my hive without a diagnosis. Send some bees to Beltsville. They'll tell you if you have nosema and give you a count.
Ahhh, ok, that makes sense. I never heard that idea. Thank you Camero7. I prefer to keep the hive as natural as possible.
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