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Lost a queen

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Started with two hives, and lost a queen in one of my hives. The hive is very weak in population, frames not filled out, and was wondering what to do. The other hive is doing well, and great to be able to compare. Should I order a new queen this late in our Colorado year, or will I have a problem with the lack of bee population to introduce her to. Or order bees along with a new queen, or close the hive and wait for next year. If so what do I do with the existing worker bees because of my screw-up.

appreciate the help

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How weak is "weak in population?" If the hive was doing decent to small, you can move over a frame of brood from the strong hive (or two) and order a new queen asap.

If the hive is really small, any efforts to build it up would probably put the strong hive in jeapordy, since you would need to take several frames of brood from the other hive. If they are really weak, your best effort would be to combine the two using the newspaper method.
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