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Lost a hive full of honey in early spring...can I save it for a package delivery?

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I am in upstate NY and while the hive was active (sort of) a few days ago when I came to inspect it the brood chamber was empty and there were only a handful of bees. I assume the queen died. Regardless, can I use the many (30) frames of capped honey in a package due to arrive soon - in 11 days.

I've sealed the hive as best I can.

Thank you.
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Remove the honey frames from the hive and place into a deep freezer till two days prior to the package getting there. Also may be a good idea to do the standard frames to make sure all pests are dead.

Give plenty of worker comb to the new package with a couple frames of honey to begin with. As they use it up, give them more. Good thing is you won't have to feed them syrup if you have frames of honey. I started each of my packages with 1 frame of stores and they took off like a rocket.
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