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Lost a good one

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Well I lost a good hive today. I noticed a couple of days ago there was not as much activity at this hive so today I went into it and nothing but pollen left and about 400 bees. I don't know if the queen abscond and then they got robbed or they got robbed and then she abscond. They where one of my good producers, I pulled 80# of honey from them three weeks ago and they where going strong. These bees were from Russian stock with about sixty thousand bees in it. I just don't get how this happen. If any one has a opinion on how this can happen or how I can keep this from happening to one of my other hive I would greatly appreciate it.
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I lost one as well. It was a swarm I caught back in May. They went queenless in the beginning I got them a new queen laying good. Pulled some brood from them that I wanted to use for some queen rearing. I then decided to give them all frames of drawn comb so they would have a better chance of building up for winter. Poof two weeks later gone! About a nuc full of bees. They left brood it's still emerging. I blame myself. Nosy beekeeper. :no:
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