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Hello all from someone looking forward to receiving his first bees.

I think (stress "think") I'm all set for the arrival of my bees this spring. Now I'm starting to think about what to do when all goes well and the little ladies are ready to start making honey for me. For various reasons, I'm planning on doing the "crush/strain" method for my two hives this year. I've read and talked plenty on the method itself, but I need some help planning how to "configure" my supers. For this extraction method, should my super frames simply have wired wax foundation? unwired? Fill the entire frame, or just a strip at the top? If unwired, is the wedge at the top of the frame enough to support the comb?

I'm using shallow supers on top of 2 deep hive bodies. I have the supers, but will need to order the internal parts that will be best for the crush/strain method.

Your thoughts are welcome!

Sam from Missouri
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