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Looking for mating nuc frame supplier.

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Does anyone know where I can source these frames?

They appear to be a mini-plus size frame that will combine into a standard length medium.


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Like Frank says. That appears to be the same size as the one ML sells for their double mini mating nuc, which of course is not the same size frame as for their single mating nuc. With a clip, two frames can be supported between two regular medium frames, or you can buy what they call a growing box to get them drawn out.
That appears to be
right, except the plastic one snaps together to form a full sized frame like these turkish ones Happybees
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As MSL, pointed out.. I'm mainly looking for the fully plastic frame that can clip together. I use wooden ones now with plastic foundation with a modified 10 frame super to add in their draw out. I just wanted to try these to see if they were easier to deal with and would eliminate the need for custom equipment.

I was able to find them in Germany and Alibaba, but nothing in the US yet.
I had never seen the plastic mini frames that clip together to form an single medium depth unit. Pretty cool. Perhaps Nick at Acorn could work up something similar?
Perhaps, not sure what the demand would need to be to justify the mold costs for the injection process.

The alibaba wholesaler will sell me 2000 of them, but that's a few more than I need. And I'd like to test them in a smaller batch first... grins

I found the STL for these out on thingiverse, so I'm going to print 20 or so and test how they work before I send money over seas for a bulk buy.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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