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Looking for keepers in Palm Bay

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I am leaving New York, had enough. I love Palm Bay. Can any of you send me web pages of that area. My e-mailis

[email protected]

Two years is what is going to take (or Less)
Thanks for all and any info. I will be a good neighbor if you like bees. Less than 2 years the wife will retire Thanks for the help Tony
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Tony; what type web pages are you looking for? My advice, look for a place out of the city limits! We have about 75,000 northern invaders/immigrants here and every one of them, especially New Yorkers and New Jerseyites, are allergic to bees, so they say! BTW, don't you have any country folks up there? Republicans? Conservatives? Tea Party? If so, bring some down with you, we have our full quota of Northeastern liberals!
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