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Dear Sir/Ma’am;
Good day!
I am ANTONY L. JUMAWID, 30 years old, presently residing in Tagum City, Philippines. I am interested to
work as a BEEKEEPER in your outstanding apiary. I wish to work in your company and impart my
expertise that would contribute growth in the organization and continue to develop as a person by
sharing my skills and commitment to your innovative environment.
My trainings and experiences in the City Agriculture Office in Tagum City apiary had honed my skills and
widened my knowledge in beekeeping. During those times when I worked there, I have been tasked to
do things relative to beekeeping started from the easiest to the most complex. Those exposures and
trainings sharpened my skills and harnessed my abilities and made me competitive in this field.
I am confident that I am ready and equipped with the necessary abilities, skills and values which I have
learned. I also know how to manage pressure and demands when it comes to work environment which I
have learned in the years I serve as a beekeeper. I can also work with less supervision and observant to
details. I am really interested to work in your company and share the knowledge that I have.
Thank you for your time to consider this application and look forward to hear from you. I am willing to
come to an interview at a place and time that is convenient for you. You can reach me through my email
[email protected] or you may contact me in this phone number 09359651608.


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