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Looking for a mentor in central Va.

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I am brand new and am assembling my equipment.
It would be a huge help if there is anyone willing to put up with a newby and be a mentor.
I live in the central Va. region. Just West of Richmond to be specific.
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There are three different beekeeping meetings that I know of in the Richmond area:

Richmond Beekeepers meet the first Thursday of every month at the Friends Meeting house.
Rockwood Park Beekeepers meet the second Monday of every month at the Rockwood Park Nature Center.
I'm not sure when or where the East Richmond Beekeepers meet.

But anyway, I signed up for a mentor at the Rockwood Park meeting and I'm so glad I did. It's a couple weeks to the Richmond or Rockwood park meetings but if you go to their Facebook pages you might be able to find someone there.
There's Ashland Beekeepers Assc. also. I'm going into my 2nd year, spend most my time on this forum, great folks here with a lot of opinions and idea's to learn from.
Thank you John!
I look forward to meeting you.

Keep 'em coming. I'm open to as much hands on advise as I can get.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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