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Hi all,
I've been coming to this site for probably about two years now, and have found it to be a wealth of information.
I thought I'd finally get around to introducing myself so here goes.
Back in the '80's as a younger man I inhierited bees from my older brothers. This was suposedly before the Africanized bees moved in to our area, though the bees we had could sure put some fear in ya!
I remember a black cloud overhead and feeling the weight of those bees hanging on me.
In spite of all those less then pleasant bees I have been facinated with them ever since and have over the years kept bees.
I now have about 15 colonies I have aquired through cut outs and swarms.

I have six sons and a daughter now and would like to be able to give them a better education then I started with when those 30 or so colonies got dropped on me at about 14 years of age.
I am sure in my ignorance I caused those bees a heap of trouble and it could explain why they just didn't appreciate me sharing in their harvest.

Now that I've finally made my pressence known I am looking forward to meeting people, asking some questions and hopefully getting some answers.

Thanks for a great site!


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Hello, I am in Mesa and am always glad to meet another beek. I am very new to beekeeping. I just got my first hives this spring. Based on some advice I got on this site I managed to hook up with a commercial beek in my area. Itr has been a great experience. If you get to Mesa feel free to give me a call some time. I have now split my 8 nucs that I got this spring into 8 full 3 box hives and 15 nucs. take care George B
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