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Long/deep multi 3 frame mating nuc idea

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I see all sorts of mating nucs. Personally I don't feel one can assess the quality of the brood pattern by using small frames so I'm using deeps. It is also convenient because I have these in use. I am currently making 3X3 deep nucs from deeps and today I though about making some out of 8 or longer 1X stock. Separating with 3/16" tempered hard board but then using 1X separator say every 2' or so for stability. I know they would be heavy but really not unmanageable and how often are they moved anyway. I would make the separation every 3 frames but also cut dados to allow conversion into 5 frame nucs as well. This just seems like an overlooked idea. I've seen many small nucs in yards that are jammed together so I doubt there would be an issue regarding queens drifting etc. Small entrances and some designed in convertibility/adaptability?? Same dimensions migratory tops. What are some drawbacks? I know I didn't just invent this idea so I'd like to hear from those with experience.
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