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Logistics/practicality of going to SD for honey production

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I had said previously that I have family in SD w/ a huge farm. Is it possible to go to SD from E. TX w/ 40-50 hives and make a profit on honey? What is the average number of pounds per hive of surplus in this area of the state -

I understand this is probably a stupid question, just looking at options for next year.

Thanks for all the tips y'all have given me, beesource has changed the way I keep bees.

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Perhaps you will be a landowner-beekeeper and exempt from the 3-mile limit.:

From the state statute:
"State law mandates that each commercial apiary within the state must be three or more miles from the nearest commercial apiary.

Hobbyist beekeepers who operate 5 apiaries or less are exempt form the 3-mile limit, and their apiaries can be stocked with a maximum of ten hives. Landowner-beekeepers are also exempt from the 3-mile requirement, although they must still register their hives with the Agriculture Department. Temporary pollination permits, available from the Department of Agriculture, are also exempt from the 3-mile limit."

Also from the same website:

"Normally, the average annual production per hive is between 75 and 80 pounds nationwide. The average annual production per hive in South Dakota is estimated at 89 pounds from 1996 - 2000. Beeswax is a major byproduct of honey production in the state."

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