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log jam at the entrance

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Both hives put in 5-6-10,real log jam at the reduced opening.Bees coming and going. A few dead bees in front on ground. But there were some dead in the pack when i shook them in. Do the bees remove the dead ones that were put in with the pack. Thanks for your help,Ken
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The bees will remove their dead from the hive, sometimes fly off with them, sometimes dump them over the edge.
Thanks Mike, I appreciate it, In the learning stages, Thanks again, Ken
Open that entrance some will help too.
Please establish again when you started hives - May 6th?

Nucs or packages? New comb, or drawn?

If nucs, consider opening to 2nd largest - they will almost immediately begin defending the hive, because they have something to protect.

If packages, I would keep it on the smallest for at least 2 weeks until they have some brood and stores to protect to prevent robbing.

Other than vent issues, I have noticed that my nuc gets right down to normal business re traffic in & out of hive. Packages are confused and there is a lot of hive orientation that takes place initially (circling about in front). You also probably had a fair amount of dead bees in the package when you shook it out that they will remove.
Thanks Hoodswoods, I started them on new comb, 2 packs hived may6th
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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