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Location of bar #1 in my TBH's

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Good day,

I have decided to use an upper entrance on one end of the TBH's that I am building. The entrance is approximately 1.25" down from the frame of the cover.

Do I need to have a set back from the inside face of the box frame for the first bar or can I bring it up tight so to speak?

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Please explain 'box frame' - not a term I am familiar with.
I think I understand what you are asking, this is what I have done in my hives. One idea is to cut a strip of wood the same length as your top bar, make it 1/4" wide and as thick as your top bar. Put the strip in the hive right up against the inside wall, then insert your first top bar against it. What you are doing is creating a bee space between the wall of the hive and the drawn comb of the first top bar. Your top entrance will work fine then, the bees will have room to enter and access the combs.
Thank you jmgi,
That was what I was curious about. Thanks for the help.

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