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As Ravenseye notes, aiming the entrance away from traffic areas (point them off the deck) will help a great deal. It kind of depends on how the deck is used. Be aware that during the early afternoons, there'll be a lot of bees in the air around the entrance (foragers and orientation-flight trainees). I'd also be very sure that it's not an area where kids are playing.... a couple whacks with a baseball, jumprope, plastic hammer etc. and the bees could rouse a defensive sortie with exciting results. I'd REALLY try to not have the colony where you might bump/bang it accidentally. Don't get me wrong; I spend time each day during the summer with feet propped on the landing board watching the bee channel, but then I'm into bees. Not all of our dinner guests share my enthusiasm :). Other considerations are space to work the bees: don't put it in a corner. You need space to set down supers etc.

Does it really have to be ON your deck? What are the "lighting" concerns? The bees are pretty flexible and will adapt to most any location... a slightly sub-optimal colony location might be a good tradeoff to prevent the spouse from banishing the girls after the 30th one is discovered buzzing in the kitchen window :).
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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