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Lobee pump

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I traded for a Lobee vane pump. To pump honey from my sump tank to a bottling tank or barrel/drum. I have little or no money in this trade. The guy said he used it last year to pump his honey. IT is OLD like the first one ever made. It does look like it been rebuilt recently. It is a belt drive gear reduction pump. Anyone familiar with Lobee?
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Maybee i have a white elephant. No one knows anything about lobee?:eek:
I have no personal knowledge of Lobee. But they do have a website, and a page that discusses ...
Thick juices, molasses, sugar syrups, waste sludge, and crystalline sugar syrup are all good applications because of LobePro’s ability to handle high viscosity fluids, low shear, and low pulsation measured flow. LobePro C-Series pumps are designed to handle these applications.
:thumbsup: Update on the lobee pump. I used it today to pump about 60 gals. of honey from my sump tank. Work likes a charm.:thumbsup:
Want to sell it ....????

If so please PM me I don't visit too often
Pics, or it never happened! :)
Well, thanks, though I cannot, for the life of me, make heads not tails of that...
Well silly me, I thought it was a pic, but it's a video. Nice steal on the Lobee pump!! Looks like a great setup.
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