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I posted this once before but the guys decided it was too far for them to deal with so I thought I would post it again.

I am not sure this is the right forum so, please move it if it is in the wrong place.

I visited La Belle Amie Vineyard the second week in June as I have for the past few years. This year their beehives were unattended. I think there are 4 altogether, one was on its side with bees coming and going and one was missing a top cover (inner cover was there) with bees on the landing board. The other two hives looked vacant. Talking to the folks working there they indicated they lost their beekeeper and missed the honey and could not find anyone to take care of the hives

I think the opportunity here is to offer to take care of the hives there or move them out altogether. I am not located anywhere close enough to pursue this.

If you are in a position to help post something here so the vineyard does not get overwhelmed with calls. I hope someone can help it was hard to walk away from hives in that condition.

La Belle Amie
1120 Saint Joseph Rd
Little River, SC 29566-7303
(843) 399-9463
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