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Little honey flow in NC

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I am located in the Mtns of NC and we have had little honey this year. I am getting more interested in keeping the bees alive than getting honey at this point. Not sure what is going on but I need a good food recipe to help them out. Thanks
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You should have sourwood blooming in a week or so....then, if they don't collect some nectar it's gonna be a long dry spell. Good luck
they been makein fairly good round here but the honey is almost
white dog clear. yup it been 4 years since any acount of sourwood but
the signs is showin a good one. id be crackin them hives lookin answers
cause im hearin fokes your way doin fairly good.
I check my hive Tue expected at least a full med 8 frame. The week Tulip Poplars started blooming checked hive and added a 2nd med super first was almost full amd moslty capped. Tue what was full is now uncapped and some nectar, 2nd med half drawn and some drone brood. I will be feeding for the winter too! I felt we were having a good year less rain than last spring.
Mine has been better than last year but not as good as normal years. Too many rainy days. Sourwoods have about ended for me. My season usually ends about now, but there's still a lot of clover. I'm hoping for more.
folks going to open my hive monday the girls have been working like mad for the last month.Not a real good pouplar bloom this year but I've got over 30+-trees around so maybe there was enough for the five meduim supers I've got on my hive.Sourwood starts about the second week of July here.
I started my hives from nucs on May 1st. I only had to feed for maybe 2 1/2 weeks. Theyv'e been on their own since and seem to have done pretty good from the tulip poplar, clover, ect....sourwood is starting to bloom here, should get going pretty good by next week. Hmm you never know though, Hendersonville not to awful far, about hour and half from me, but just could be your particular location. Good luck and hope it gets better with the sourwood!
well here in va. over here in abingdon not to far from yall men in nc. about 2 hours from boone seams like ever thing has bloomed we just have clover .seams like ever thing was realy early this year. bees build up slow to so am hopething for alot of clover honey this year.
I have beautiful sourwood blooms all around my hives but haven't seen one honeybee on them yet, and not seeing the Bumbles go to them either. Had the same result last year. Sourwood blooms, plenty of bees but they were not interested.
Sourwood blooms, plenty of bees but they were not interested.
I had an offer to put hives on a piece of N GA mountain property for sourwood this year. I declined as I am already overwhelmed...and am now thinking I might have been badly disappointed if I'd gone to the effort.
Good luck.
Pulled two medium supers of five off of my main hive first honey in three years here.Probobly could get another one in about a week it was full but only about 20-30%capped but Im happy.
At our bee club meeting last night others were speaking about having much sourwood bloom but not seeing the bees work it. Sourwood is about 2 weeks early here.
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