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Liquid sucrose near Bakersfield

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Sucrose/HFCS blends are available in Bakersfield and Fresno but is there an outlet for just sucrose syrup within driving distance of Bakersfield?
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Not that I am aware of. You can ask Jeff at the Mann Lakes dist point in bakersfield. 661-364-0542.

We use a blend from Seetner Products, called Bev Sweet 50/50 frutose sucrose mix.

Sweetner Product out of Los Angeles would have the 100 % sucrose which they deliver, Call thier office 323-234-2200 or the salesman Roy Angel @ 559-352-5659

I believe they will ship less than tanker loads.
just sucrose syrup

How many pounds do you need?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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