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I must be linked with the girls or something. I had a dream last night that they swarmed, even though it seems awfully early in the year for this area. Well, because of that dream, I decided to check on them today. I had an inspection planned for saturday anyway, but what's a few days?

I started looking frame by frame...AHA! I found a supercedure cell halfway drawn out. Loads of brood! Man does this girl keep her patterns tight! Do you think she could be a type A personality?!? :D

Because I got word that I won't get my new queen, for an intended split, until june, I decided just to do a walk away split with this new cell. We'll see what happens. With lots of luck and many prayers, I'll have another awesome queen and another awesome hive! God, I love my girls...even if I do pi** them off at times. :eek: