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Light colored bees

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I had a nuc that went queenless after I installed it so I got a new marked queen and installed it. I checked a week or so later and found an unmarked queen so I must have missed the queen cell. One thing I noticed on the last inspection is that some of the bees are almost completely yellow, very light and not much black striping, I'm guessing that these are the bees emerging from the new queen, is this normal for the bees to be this color?
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The "Cordovan" morph of Italian bees. It is a simple, recessive color trait. As a single alllele recessive trait, it is an indicator of inbreeding, but the color morph is also prized. I have numerous hives with very rapid brood expansion with that color trait. They make a good marker for parentage in open breeding systems.

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Nope, their color will never darken as they aged. They have the recessive gene.
You mean this color type queens? Blond/reddish yellow! Yellow all the way to her end.


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