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Contractors insurance is helpful. Here is a service agreement I saw and saved from someone on this forum:

"Owner: John Doe - Apiculturalist

Service Agreement
I, ___________________________, release Mr. Doe from any liability pertaining to any damages caused by the honeybees or the extraction process. I give permission to Mr. Doe to take whatever action necessary to remove the bees and honeycomb.

I acknowledge that while utmost care will be taken to avoid damages, it may be necessary to obtain outside services at the owner’s expense to repair any resulting damages.

Any work to repair the damages related to the extraction process are not the responsibility of Mr. Doe / Doe's Bee Extraction Services.

Mr. Doe has the right, at any time, to temporarily or permanently discontinue the extraction if any unforeseen obstacles, complications or health hazards arise during the extraction process.

Signature _________________________ Date ____________ "

Will it stand in court? I don't know. I've also seen agreements that specified that beeremoval is dangerous to passersby and that the homeowner assumes that liability. Again, will it stand in court? I don't know. I think the owner understanding the whole process from the beginning is the best insurance. The agreement should state that damage to the building might occur, that you will tear into the house and will/ will not put it back together, that you might stop at anytime due to unforeseen circumstances, and that the price estimate is really just an estimate/ you have no way of knowing exactly how involved the work will get.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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