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Let's do a chain email petition drive

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The absolute easiest thing to do to support this effort is to go to this site and sign the online Petition:

If you have not done that already, please do right now while you are still thinking about it.

And, once you have signed, please go to your facebook page or your email account and send a request to your friends and contacts to do the same.

To make this really simple, here is a suggested mesage that you can copy and paste into your own email:

Dear Friends,

There is a 13 year old boy scout from Oklahoma who is trying to get boy scouts to reinstated the Beekeeping Merit Badge. As you probably know, honeybees and beekeeping are important to the food supply, and there needs to be a way to expose more young people to beekeeping.

It would literally take a few seconds to help. Please go to this site and sign the Petition:

Also, please forward this request to all of your contacts and friends.

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Well, I tried this myself and got a lot of positive feedback from non-beekeepers who were in my email address book. Had several who passed the email on to their contacts. One person even asked to go look in some hives with me. Give this a try, as it seems to me that most non-beekeepers are inclined to support this project.
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