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“Let’s Build a Bee Hive”

Decent book, 92 pages. Long out of print. I think it was originally self-published. Author is Wilbert R. Miller. It has detailed drawings for about everything a do-it-yourselfer might want to build, including the frames if you are so inclined. Has plans for a hand-cranked four frame extractor, frame nailing devices, slatted racks, etc., etc. Includes plans for a solar wax melter, and although ok, those particular plans are a bit lacking. Does not include any plans for pollen traps.

If you want to make most of your own equipment, this isn’t a bad book to own. I just noticed there are two copies available on the used book sites. It is pricey though, and some soul-searching might be in order before you spend your hard-earned dollars. It can probably be borrowed from your library on an inter-library loan. =wilbert+R.+Miller
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