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Lethargic Queen on the ground?

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I was observing activity at the hives entrances yesterday when I noticed a single bee hanging onto a blade of grass in front of the hive. Normally this is just a returning forager just taking a breather, but when I picked the blade of grass up I realized this was not just any bee. This was a queen.

I took the blade of grass and laid it on the landing board of the hive, thinking the queen would make a bee - line to the entrance. She didn't. She just clung to the blade of grass. I move the blade of grass into the entrance (with the queen attached) and she very slowly moved off of it and into the hive.

The hive is a second year hive, started from a package last year. The hive seems to be doing exceptionally well. There were no other bees on the ground with the queen.

Any thoughts on what would cause the queen to leave the hive and not have any other bees with her?
Could it be a supercedure? I am planning on doing inspections this weekend, any suggestions?

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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