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Lethargic Newly Hatched Virgin Queen

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I did several splits yesterday and in two of the nuc boxes I had to place two frames with queen cells as I hadn't assembled the rest of my nucs, not thinking I would need all 8!

Today I opened one of these nucs to remove one of the frames with queens from each and noticed all the queen cells had been I already had the hive open I looked at all the frames and found one queen. However, she seemed very lethargic and seemed to be struggling to move around. I hadn't bumped her or anything so I'm curious if she's just exhausted from destroying all those queen cells...about 8 in total!

I also looked at the hive entrance and found about 6 dead queens the workers had thrown out.

I quickly put this nuc back together and didn't even bother looking in the other one fearing the same story, making two more nucs isn't worth stressing out the girls.

Since she's less than a day old and had already destroyed all those cells, does her lethargic nature seem like normal behavior? I'd be tired too!

I'm still new to queen raising so thank you in advance for your thoughts.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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