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My very favorite hive out of my 20 or so is led by a large black queen. I was in it last week and took out the second frame and saw a normally colored queen. I knew the hive didn't swarm so I thought that maybe the black queen which is a young queen perhaps molted. I have read they molted 5 times as they mature. I set the frame back in the box after removing the last frame to give me room to manipulate frames. as I got to the other end of the box I saw the original big black queen. This queen was laying away solid frames of brood as was the one I discovered initially. I was going to remove the first one I saw but could not find her when I looked the second time and I was obligated to be somewhere plus it was blazing hot so I gave up figuring one would kill the other but I also came home to read online info about 2 queen colonies.
I went back today and sure enough they were in the hive laying one frame apart. I took the newer queen and made a split.
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