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Don't open your hive up at night! (The bees are extra-defensive in the dark.) You could fill a boardman at night, though, if the bees get used to you being there.

I use a hive-top feeder specifically so that I can refill it without directly opening the hive. Because sometimes my schedule doesn't allow me to get it done before dark.

Not feeding for one day isn't the end of the world, but keep in mind that right now you are feeding to increase the rate of wax production to draw combs, almost more than for simple nutrition for the bees themselves. You can't get brood - or honey - without those combs so the faster, and more, that they get made the better things will go. Not feeding my new-hived swarms late last Spring was a mistake I regret (though my colonies survived nonetheless). I assumed that because they were living in my barn beforehand that they were meeting their own needs. I would have had faster and better colony establishment if I had fed them after they were hived. Sugar is cheap and 1:1 is easy to make just using very hot water; it's doesn't need to be cooked. To save time during the week I mix up a dozen half-gallons (in half-gallon jars) on the weekend and then I always have some ready for a quick top-up during the busy workweek. Since you're in New England, may I point out that the cheapest place I've found to buy sugar is BJ's Wholesale club. Last time I bought some it was $9.69 for a 25-lb sack. Sure beats grocery store prices.

Have fun with your new bees!

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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