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Cut Comb Queens

For those of you who are intimidated by grafting or have poor eye sight this is a possible method for you to use to make what should be quality queens (well fed atleast, the rest is up to your genetics I guess) without having to graft. One of the possible knocks on having your hive make emergency queens is that if they can't tear down the cell wall, the build the queen cell in such a way that may restrict the larva from getting all the royal jelly and end up being less developed.

This is not MY method, I first saw it on Don "The Fatbeeman"'s youtube channel, and goes back probably a 100 years or more. I have added a tweak or change for those of us that might be challenged in woodworking and made it easy to modify an existing empty frame for this method. If you can cut a piece of 5/8" wood (give or take) to the appropriate length to fit in the frame, drill a hole in the middle of the wood on each end and then hammer a nail into it thru the holes made for wiring the frames then you can modify the frame. My method could be 100 years old or just a small change to existing way of doing things, who knows I don't expect royalties LOL.

Below is a link to both videos that I did, I first just ran thru it and did the cutting and waxing of the comb to the bar, then I did a follow up video with some more explanation of what and when I did different things to get to the point that I could do this. I will be following up with videos, hopefully showing the success of this and how many queens I get out of it.

This was my first time doing this so I don't know how successful it is going to be, but thought this might be instructive. I did find that my comb that had already had a few brood cycles thru it to be a bit difficult to smash down at the different intervals to define the queen cells. I'm sure new comb would have been much easier.
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