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#@%&* laying workers!

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Inspected hive to find multiple eggs in a few cells. Must be a laying worker/s. Although most of the capped brood is not drone cells. three weeks ago during an inspection saw a queen that was a supersedured queen with no markings. Am I screwed or what? I know it is a long time consuming process to rid the hive of these layig workers and was praying that I could be wrong . SEND HELP QUICK!
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It's good to keep track of time because it often eliminates some possibilities. Unfortunately it takes up to four weeks to get a new queen raised, bred and settled into laying and it could take as little as three to get a laying worker, but usually it takes longer before the worker starts laying.

My guess is it's a new queen getting settled too, but I'd check again in a week and see if you have some open brood and again a week after that to see if you have capped worker brood or capped drone brood and to see if you've stopped getting the multiple eggs.
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