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Laying workers or queen without enough comb

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I'm not sure if I have a laying worker problem and how long to wait before saying I do. I purchased my first hive this year, couldn't afford two so I have nothing to switch or compare too. I put the bees in on April 18th, doing foundationless frames. The queen was probably released around saturday/sunday (19th or 20th) they'd eaten most of the way through on the 19th, for sure when I checked on the 21st and I saw her moving around. Theyd started a few frames with comb. 1 was probably half done.

It is now the 30th and they have a few more frames with comb, none are all the way full and I have 2 medium boxes. The cells with eggs have one egg, two eggs, and even 3 maybe 4 eggs. I didn't notice any on the walls but I wasn't paying attention to that because I remembered when I was rereading after I came back in. There was no larvae, or capped brood. No eggs until I checked today. I also did not see the queen. She has a green mark and should have been fairly easy to pick out. I was looking on every frame.

Some of the newer comb didn't have eggs either and only a few spots of pollen and nectar.

How long should I wait to decide if it's just a new queen with not enough room, or if it's laying workers?

Any help would be amazing!
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Newly mated queens sometimes lay more than one egg in the cells. This should stop in a couple days.
If it doesn't, you must inspect closely to find the queen to verify whether it is a laying worker hive.
If it's from laying workers, it's too late already. Give it a little bit until you see capped brood. If they are slightly domed then you are alright, if it looks like someone has been stuffing Kix cereal in all the cells, then it's definitely a laying worker.
Watch what kind of caps they give the brood and how spotty it is when it's capped.
Thank you for all your help! I was a little panicky. I will be checking it when it's about time for them to cap them. I'm hoping I don't have to buy another queen. Time will tell!
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