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Laying worker

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I have laying worker in 1 of my hive after 2 attempts of queen
First time they build emergency queen cells after wile no queen no eggs etc.
Second time I give the hive frame whit queen cells same problem
And now I have laying worker
What’s the best to resolve this problem????
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I had the same thing last year this is what I did. i bought a queen put her in hive they balled her and killed her. so i bought another queen and I shook out all the bees about 50 yards from hive. Yes I know people say it does not good cause the know how to get back to hive. I did it anyway. Then I took the new queen and a frame that had honey and pollen in it and built a 5' x 5" push cage out of aluminum screen and pushed it into comb and put a rubber-band around frame to hole it into place and put queen inside it, this was so she could start laying eggs and move about in that area. Left her in there 3 or 4 days came back released her and watched them chase her into corner, the bees would go and touch her and turn around one after another...problem solved... no guarantee, but it worked for me and a few others that I know of
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If you have brood elsewhere split the hive with the laying worker. Giving each split two frames brood and a queen (purchased probably). Give them a couple days to get used to the queen and turn release her.
I have just had the same problem.

I shook every comb out 20 yards away - every bee onto the ground. Gets rid of many laying workers - not all.

The next day I added a frame of UNCAPPED brood so nurse bees can used to nursing brood rather than laying eggs.

Two days later I added a mated queen in cage with attendants but with cover on the candy plug so she could not be released. This gives the bees a chance to get used to her smell.

Two days later, remove the cover so the bees can release her.

Lots of effort but it appears to have worked.. Longer intervals should work as well..
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