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Laying worker question

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I put a small swarm (maybe 1#) in a NUC two weeks ago and have been feeding. I took a look today and found eggs and larva but no queen. Question is if there is a laying worker and larve is the larve viable :s I have another NUC at a trapout that is queenless but bees are putting in stores. I plan to combine the two NUCs if this newer one has a queen or develops one. Thanks
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When you shook your "swarm" bees into the nuc, did you give them a queen or queen cell?

If they've been queenless this whole time, they may have laying worker(s). The eggs and larva you see are most likely drone brood from laying workers. In extremely rare cased, thelytoky will allow queens to be raised from unfertilized eggs. But the brood is likely "viable", in that they will grow to be drones, though likely undersized drones. If you join the two queenless nucs, you will most probably wind up with just a larger laying worker colony.
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