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Has anybody heard of the Layens hive? I built one yesterday - copied it from a friend. Later in the week, I hope to fill it with a couple of frames from one of his hives (Will this work?).

I'm new to this, but the hive seems to be fairly common in Catalonia (North East Spain) where I live.

The frames are (internally) 12" wide x 14" deep and the hive seems to have the simplicity of a TBH. I don't know if it's already been done, but I'm planning to make a langstroth nuc and a half to use as a super and to get me onto standard frames.

There is a pic on this page - no.3 of 7

The bee hole is midway on the long side. Mine will take 12 x 1.5" frames. I'll have to make them myself. I might try some TBH style t-bars or just empty unwired frames. It's all a learning process.

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