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Layen's Hive production.

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With an established hive about how much honey would a Beekeeper average with this hive per year. I live in Western NC where we have two major honey flows.Poplar and Sourwood.
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Per the Layens hive expert:

The classical horizontal hive. • Layens frames (13” long x 16” deep) are ideal for bees’ development and wintering. • Thick warm walls built of 1-1/2” pine – double the insulation value over conventional hives. • Ventilated top covered with aluminum. • Fully assembled and ready to go! • Premium Layens frames included, assembled and wired. • Ideal for backyard and stationary apiaries. • Two sizes: 14-frame (can hold 40 lb surplus honey) and 19-frame (recommended for areas with abundant honeyflows, can hold 80 lb surplus honey). • For complete Layens hive management instructions read his book. • UPS delivery to 48 mainland US states only.
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