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Feeding bees in northern climates/states.

"Bees should be fed early enough in the fall so that the sugar has time to cure--that is, the bees have time to reduce the water content near to that of honey [about 18%]." >> "The Beekeepers Handbook",..Sammataro and Avitable.

It might also be dysentery caused by long periods of confinment, but bees have survived many variable weather conditions during the winter in many parts of the country.

I have heard of many, many new beekeeprs feeding liquid sugar syrup too late in the season, hoping they are helping the bees when they are actually harming them! :(

The feeder/syrup that you have left on the hive could be so cold [during winter] that the moisture/respiration from the bees could have condensed under that feeder and driped on the bees.

I don't know about feeding bees sugar syrup in Alabama or Georgia but in our northern states,...get that 2 to 1 syrup on those hives and feed 'em by the gallon till they won't take it anymore by the end of Sept. if not sooner. Recently, the late summer flow from Goldenrod/Aster has been very undependable in my area also. Get it [sugar syrup] down there right next to that darn cluster within half an inch so they won't starve because "they can't move to their,..honey stores",,...because it gets cold,..:rolleyes: :rolleyes: sometimes during a winter! Take that syrup feeder off those hives for the winter in northern climates!

You have so many nice 'family photos' at your site and I would hate to see you lose all of your bees/hives.
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