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Late summer swarms

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How many of you have had done everything right by your bees who helped you harvest a 100 pounds plus of honey only to swarm in August leaving two weakened colonies each of which reduced their chance of survival into next season? I have some years been able to salvage the two but often the swarm if caught does not build up enough(even with feeding) and the parent is at risk for getting back on track with a mated queen. I am usually pulling honey supers at the end of July and finishing by the first week of August. Goldenrod, knotweed and aster is for the bees. And if you decide to treat for mites, then leaving any honey supers on is out of the question. I thought about pulling a frame or two of brood from the boomers and combining them with a mated queen after honey supers are off but never tried it. Getting bees to draw foundation later in the season is tricky unless there is a particulary strong flow which sometimes never happens. Any ideas or comments on this late season - new cycle management decision?:scratch: