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Checked all of my apiaries yesterday and today.

Added SW to 2 at the farm. One that I added SW in Jan still had almost all of the SW in the can. Some of the hives were really active. Some more in the shade were not very active. The couple I had put on dry sugar were living but I didn't know it until I tried to take off the top super with the sugar. Bees were right under the sugar piles. Left a community bucket of SW under the hay barn for them to find as they start looking foraging. Didn't notice any pollen.

Apiary of 1 hive was active. Didn't see any pollen. Had taken very little of the SW I put on top on 1/28.

Apiary at home. All bees flying. Sucking up the SW in the community bucket. Was watching them a little while ago and all hives were brining in pollen. Some bright yellow, some light yellow and some grayish white.

I lve in town so I have no idea where they are getting the pollen. Some of the maples are really budded out but stopped when we had these last 15 or so days of freezing weather. It's possible that some of them are actually starting to bloom at the top of the trees since the weather has been around 50 for the high for the last 3-4 days.

For some reason some of the hives at the house were aggressive. Didn't get stung but they where checking me out and wanting me to leave. Did have one pop me on my t-shirt but didn't go through the cotton.

Don't want to go into the hives to see the frames until it warms up a lot more than it is at the moment.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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