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what do we think this is? it's smaller than i thought a wax moth larva would be. more like a small maggot. my first thought was that it was a bee larva. it's about that size. but they don't crawl around, ...right?

more detail to the story: picture 1 is some dead brood i was investigating. scraping it out with a knife. i think it's just chilled brood as it didn't have any other symptoms of the scary brood diseases. just dead, intact, and uncapped by the bees. i'm hoping this is a sign of some good hygenic behavior. you'll notice the spotty brood pattern, but every empty cell has an egg in it. the wax builders just haven't been keeping up.

so i was pulling out the dead brood, looking for varroa or whatever. in the back of one of the cells was a little worm wiggling around. that's it in picture 2 in from the point end of the knife. it was crawling around like crazy. gross.

i didn't see any others.
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