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Large swarm

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I picked up a very large swarm yesterday from the eave of a 2 story townhouse. They had been there long enough to draw a couple of combs bigger than my hand. Since I was 30 feet up on a shaky ladder, I couldn't hold the bucket and brush the bees too. I just made a scoop with the 5 gallon bucket through the biggest mass and got half a bucket full and the comb. They were very docile. I setup a hive with some old comb in 2 mediums and dumped those in. They started fanning almost immediately. It looked like half of them were still under the eave, but today they are all in the hive so I must have gotten the queen. I don't do high removals or swarms anymore, but this guy had the ladder already up for me and it was a really nice swarm. I'll pick up the hive and move them to my yard this afternoon.
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Great News, another swarm captured and bees saved.
Good Luck:thumbsup:
nice catch.
Very nice! That is a big swarm.
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