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So up until last week I had 2 hives that I bought last fall, Then about a week ago the strongest hive swarmed But luckily only went about 20ft and gave me enough time to put together another hive and catch them.

Well the very next day while checking on the "new" hive I notices that the weaker one of the original 2 was carrying out queens and killing them. one was already dead and the other was still waling around on the ground
so i picker her up and took her away from the hive, she eventually flew off about 30 minutes later. My question is why would the weaker hive be killing off queens when they didnt even swarm?

I didnt think they would have any queens unless there was a up coming swarm then kill the rest after the first one has been hatched?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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