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Kids beesuit?

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Would like to get my 10 yr. old daughter a beesuit so she can experience the world of bees.
Where would be a good place to buy one? She is the little stump in the Maxant ads you may see in BeeCulture/ABJ!
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Got mine from Mann Lake (I think). They are great and go for the one piece veil if you can. It's easier than fooling with a hat/veil.
Walter T Kelley Co. They have a good line of clothing. Most of it is sewn on site in Clarkson Ky.
I got my 9-year old (now 10) the kids jacket from mann lake. Get one a size large and she'll be wearing it for the next 3 seasons. You can't get the one piece too large or she'll be swimming in it. Then, you can look forward to getting a new one every couple of years. I'm a big fan of the jackets for kids.

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Jonathan Showalter
5765 Main Rd.
Bedford, PA 15522
814 586 4699
[email protected]

Check him out his recent news letter had them listed at $32.00 a piece.
I got my 3 yr old the smallest one from Dadant... it's WAY too big for him still, but he'll grow into it. Getting him to not pull it off is the difficult part.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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