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Kicking out the drones in a new hive

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Hi I'm a new beekeeper. I bought a small nuc of 3 frames from my mentor. My hive is 9 days old. I added a fourth frame of ready to hatch brood on day 5 from my mentor. I am feeding 1:1 and a partial pollen patty.

I noticed today the drones being removed from the hive. There are three dead ones in front of the hive. I thought this happened in the fall or when there wasn't enough food? I am adding 1:1 as needed. I am planning to do a full inspection this Saturday but wanted to give the queen time to settle in.

Thanks in advance for your help. Nel
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3 drones in front of a hive might not be an eviction more than it is simply a matter of bees dying naturally. Let them settle down and see what they are laying. Drones are a sign of a healthy hive.
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